Sunday, April 13, 2014

{Sedona} Saving me from AZ 1 trip at a time

I love, love, love, love, love Sedona... Anyone who has ever been would have to agree with me.
Every time I go I feel so blessed to live so close to such a beautiful place. Thankfully my boyfriend agrees to go with me frequently to help me avoid insanity of the desert in Tempe.
I don't think there are any "bad" places to go in Sedona but fortunately we have found some of our favorite little places each time we go... Last time we hiked up to Devil's Bridge with some friends & it truly took my breath away, probably more so from the actual hike.
We decided to check out the Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park to experience some peace & see this "sacred" place... There was even a Buddha there doing some stuff, I would assume praying but... I don't know much about that! Anyways, it was pretty cool, I was obviously obsessed with the flags & trinkets that were everywhere.
Then we finally did some hiking... {"stomping" - Zach} around Oak Creek and found a perfect rock to lounge on and enjoy the cool water & beautiful day...
Every time I leave I can feel any weight I have had on my shoulders completely disappear & I feel physically & mentally refreshed, it's perfect!

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