Monday, April 7, 2014

plants & pots

So I finally decided it was time to try plants again after the death of all my succulents last year!
I thought I should stick to cheaper plants in case they faced the same destiny, PLUS I found all of this awesome information on plants that clean the pollutants from your house... I almost sprinted out of my apartment to HomeDepot to stock up on them all!!!

{mother nature network}
{this old house}

Both of those websites have awesome information on what the plants are doing to help your indoor air quality, it really is amazing.
I decided on these3 little ivy plants & a peace lily (not pictured due to the already problematic replanting issue I had)
As for those adorable pots, ONLY A DOLLAR EACH!!!
I am telling you, the Target dollar section has been on fire the last couple of months, I have been getting the best stuff there! I also found those two glass containers in there too, but they were 3 bucks!

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