Wednesday, February 26, 2014

build it yourself!!! {easel}

I made a huge mistake of not taking progression pictures of this super easy easel diy!
I was actually worried it was not going to turn out!
I originally made it for my friends wedding to display her seating chart & it sure did the job.
Home Depot is awesome because they will literally cut all of the wood for you {I am still awaiting my own workshop ;)}
anyhow! then all I used were nails and a few hinges at the top to keep the legs together!
Super simple & easy to add anything else to it to spice it up a bit!

Monday, February 24, 2014

plant life {succulents}

I have come to the conclusion that succulents aren't for everyone, even though it's been said they are the easiest plant to keep... & that you cannot kill them, but guess what... I killed them, A LOT of them!
I put some in really cute corks for magnets & the rest in this... & they are now all dead! 
I hope I have my grandparents & mother's green thumbs, but I am not starting off so great.
Obviously I did something wrong & I must try again because they look great... maybe fake ones will do?
yes... I need to dust...

my {fabric} refreshed bookshelf

How handy are those super cheap bookshelves, end tables & tv stands you can find at Target & Wal Mart? But occasionally... boring in the appearance department!
I re painted this handy dandy bookshelf, tore out the weird cardboard backing that they have & added some fabric (stapled to the sides) & pinched the middle and tied some pretty lace ribbon on them!
Then you have yourself a shabby chic bookshelf!

the cheapest & easiest diy

Pinterest inspired!
Originally I REALLY needed something to organize some things in the ol kitchen!
Then I quickly changed my mind! This is only THREE DOLLARS!!!! Dollar store plate, bowl & candle stick holder, I think it would be even better painted!!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

obsessions {glass & flowers}

If I could fit everything into glass containers & make them look cute, I think I would. If I could buy all of the glassware from Goodwill, I think I would. 

obsessions {hanging ANYTHING}

This is SO simple & great looking! I have been obsessed with it since I discovered it last year {thanks to pinterest}
Grab a cute hanger from your favorite craft store & throw it up! This one is from the glorious Hobby Lobby, don't forget to use your coupons! & Fake flowers (MY FAVORITE)
I've seen a few different variations that I will have to try out!
Nightstand, re painted & distressed! It is actually a stool OR table (they argue about what it is) that my grandpa made for my grandma in their first house!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

obsessions {well-worn & shabby}

Who doesn't love crates? especially when they are mini!
Tattered books, dried roses, bits & pieces of antique finds & old postcards...

sips {jalapeno mule}

Jalapeno mule anyone?
I love trying new things, but when it comes to drinks I have a hard time stepping out of my comfort zone!
My boyfriend on the other hand, give him anything to try & he will.
{Salut Kitchen Bar} in Tempe has some fun yummy drinks on it & BOY, this thing was GOOD!!!
Vodka, lime, ginger beer & some muddled jalapenos! mmmmmmm
Next time we will have to try some absinthe cocktails.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

holiday decorations {belated valentine's day}

Due to my recent attempt at, "budgeting" (which I have never been very good at) diy-ing, crafting & decorating have been put on the back burning (sorta).
Thankfully, all of my closets, storage spaces, drawers, cupboards, hiding places... ext. are filled to the brim with crafting goodies!
So finding some string was super easy & a trip to the dollar store to buy some heart shaped doilies as well as some clothes pins (you can get A TON, like 40 FOR ONLY 1 DOLLAR + tax, I think)
& then I went to work...  covering every piece of my apartment with doilies.
I also attempted to wrap some around some jars with twine & some color paper hearts, I wasn't very impressed with my outcome, maybe yours will be better!