Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring cleaning? spring ORGANIZING!!!

There once lived a little girl who grew up with a HOUSE full of hoarders!
Now I love them dearly, but my entire family has an extremely difficult time "getting rid" of things, which I think is great... with a hint of awful!
Because I now have the hoarding gene, which leads me to keeping EVERYTHING as in... ticket stubs, souvenirs, old clothes, just everything & anything, I just have a better way of hiding & organizing these hoarded items!
I am good at the occasional throw away spree when I get the courage to just literally throw it all away, but that does not happen often!
I finally have time this week & next to do an ENTIRE apartment organization take over... focused solely on all of my holiday & crafting "junk" time for it all to find a cute little home!
Today, I started on my pantry... say hello to these super cute jars, only around 10 bucks for all 3! You can find them at Wal Mart & Target! Or Goodwill I am sure, but today I did not have the patience to take a trip there!

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