Sunday, March 13, 2016

{lower} antelope canyon & horseshoe bend

This summer in Arizona I am focusing on rephrasing everything as follows:
"I love ____ about Arizona." vs "I hate everything about Arizona."
"I enjoy (participating in, seeing, going, jumping, laughing... ext.) in Arizona." vs "Why do people stay in Arizona."

Seeing as I don't think I could ever possibly endure another winter & our location is incredible... I will continue living in this place, which means reframing everything I think about it right now! A few of my recent changes in views:
Springtime in Arizona smells almost like lilacs... but they are orange blossoms, I make myself tired trying to smell so hard outside.
The weather is AMAZING. You can do ANYTHING outside.
There is SO MUCH TO DO!!!!!!! Hidden gems, things to get my evergreen state of mind rolling & happy. Moral of this story is that my goal is the find as many places & things to do this summer to love it as much as the winter!

Zach & I took a trip to Page & boy howdy! IT WAS AMAZING! we used the Dixie Ellis tour & it was incredible! We learned so much while we were there & not to mention our tour guide knew all the best spots to snap some photos. We even had time to take a walk to horseshoe bend, all I wanted to do was dive down to the water &  float around on a boat. it was also beautiful. 

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