Tuesday, June 3, 2014

fork, wine cork & LABEL

A craft!
I feel like most of my blog has become recipes, which is strange.
Anyhow, how cute & easy are these!?
I combined a few different ideas that I have seen on Pinterest & created these cuties!
What you'll need:
forks, wine corks, hemp string (or yarn, whatever tickles your fancy), hot glue gun (or super glue may work), marker (my mom is one upping me & using a wood burner to write her labels on) & some scissors of course.

Wrap & glue your string or yarn around the forks!!! Tie a cute bow & super glue wherever you would like, first step DONE!
Second, stab your wine cork... I also used a knife to make the holes a little deeper but be SUPER CAREFUL! Don't cut yourself!
Then put your glue on your holes & re insert your forks in!
write whatever you are labeling on your cork...
& you're DONE!

Now hopefully these herbs will grow! Testing my green thumb, yet again!

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