Tuesday, February 18, 2014

holiday decorations {belated valentine's day}

Due to my recent attempt at, "budgeting" (which I have never been very good at) diy-ing, crafting & decorating have been put on the back burning (sorta).
Thankfully, all of my closets, storage spaces, drawers, cupboards, hiding places... ext. are filled to the brim with crafting goodies!
So finding some string was super easy & a trip to the dollar store to buy some heart shaped doilies as well as some clothes pins (you can get A TON, like 40 FOR ONLY 1 DOLLAR + tax, I think)
& then I went to work...  covering every piece of my apartment with doilies.
I also attempted to wrap some around some jars with twine & some color paper hearts, I wasn't very impressed with my outcome, maybe yours will be better!

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